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Take the stress out of your life to avoid dementia

The toll that stress takes, and how to recognise and manage it. Has it got to the point where it just feels like being stressed is just your default mode? You might achieve a state of zen now and again, on holidays or on a Saturday afternoon, but you generally spend most of your days […]

Three Pelvic Floor Myths

I am just so amazed that so many of my friends and ladies who come to my classes do have issues in the under-carriage department. Why are we putting up with it? Why should we put up with it?   Well, you don’t.   Lets start with some myth busting.

What is Pilates? Is it like Yoga?

If I had a pound every time someone asked me that very question……. This year I decided I would like to get some Yoga into my body, so I have been regularly attending classes at Stay Well Health in Chellaston, Derby. Sarah has a fabulous studio entirely dedicated to the practice of yoga, so with […]

Making the Choice to Change in 2019

New year always throws up so many overwhelming messages. Time to change, what are your resolutions? Have you set any goals…  They can sometimes leave us feeling inadequate and useless. Then there is the endless TV programs on how to lose weight, quickest, cheapest, the best blah, blah blah. On the16th January it will be […]

New Pilates Prop coming to our classes in 2019

Here at Alive Pilates, we run a full class program using small hand weights, small balls and resistance bands (Small Pilates Props) to further enhance and develop your core whilst performing the classic pilates moves. I am excited to announce that as from January 2019 I will be adding another fabulous small prop to our […]

Alzheimer’s disease, many womens’ greatest fear.

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common cause of dementia, accounting for half of the cases. AD is a progressive brain/body disorder characterised by gradual memory loss, nerve cell loss, dysfunction of connections between nerve cells (synapses), and subsequent impairment in cognitive and behavioural functions. The Alzheimer’s Gene: APOE4 Women with APOE4 have a threefold […]