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At Home with Susan Online Fitness Club for Peri to Post Meno Women

Are you finding that all the online classes you go to find on Youtube are too hard? Are you experiencing knee, hip or joint aches and pains? Are you over 45 and want to start to get fit, but don’t know where to start? At my online membership club, I specialise in helping women who…

This content is for Basic and Healthy Mind & Body for 40+ Women – ONLINE Support Program members only.
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Three Pelvic Floor Myths

Three Pelvic Floor Myths I am just so amazed that so many of my friends and ladies who come to my classes do have issues in the under-carriage department. Why are we putting up with it? Why should we put up with it? Well, you don’t. Lets start with some myth busting.   MYTH 1 […]

Pilates & Fitness Classes ‘At Home with Susan’

What a strange and interesting time we find ourselves in now… Boris has given us a little bit of freedom, but still not enough for me to feel safe to run my group classes yet, so I would love to help you get through this next section of the lockdown and come out the other […]

The power of minerals: magnificent magnesium

Do you know anything about the effect magnesium has on your body?   No, I didn’t think so. The mineral magnesium doesn’t get all that much attention.   But it really should. It’s small, but it sure is mighty. It’s vital for the proper functioning of our bodies, and if don’t get enough of it […]

A quitter’s guide to not quitting

It’s January, many people start manically exercising, and eating well, and going to the gym, every day, and mediating everyday, and eating no meat, and going vegan etc etc, you get the picture. I’ve seen it time and time again, I’ve been in this industry for 23 years now and every January is the same. […]

Survey results: 64% women over 40 leak…

I was surprised by some of the results of my recent survey aimed towards 40+ women and their pelvic situations.  A staggering 64% of them admitted to accidentally leak urine when exercising, playing sport, laughing, coughing or sneezing?  And of these women, none of them had seeked any treatment to help them recover from this embarrassing situation. […]