Three Pelvic Floor Myths

I am just so amazed that so many of my friends and ladies who come to my classes do have issues in the under-carriage department. Why are we putting up with it? Why should we put up with it?


Well, you don’t.


Lets start with some myth busting.

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What are the first signs of having a Pelvic Floor problem?

Now I am bang smack into my menopausal years, the words ‘Pelvic Floor’ have been reintroduced to my vocabulary. Over 20 years ago I gave birth to two lovely human beings, and at the post natal check ups, the GP mumbled something about Pelvic Floor exercises and was I doing them. I said yes, but really I didn’t know if I was or not? Nobody had shown me, nobody had explained how. I was busy with my little ones, I vaguely remember someone mentioning a lift or something!


Fast forward 20 years to the present day…

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What is Pilates? Is it like Yoga?

If I had a pound every time someone asked me that very question…….

This year I decided I would like to get some Yoga into my body, so I have been regularly attending classes at Stay Well Health in Chellaston, Derby. Sarah has a fabulous studio entirely dedicated to the practice of yoga, so with a little knowledge from the few times I have attended and a wealth of knowledge from Sarah (she is helping me with this blog) I hope to answer that popular question…


What is Pilates? Is it like Yoga?

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Making the Choice to Change in 2019

New year always throws up so many overwhelming messages.

Time to change, what are your resolutions?

Have you set any goals…  They can sometimes leave us feeling inadequate and useless.

Then there is the endless TV programs on how to lose weight, quickest, cheapest, the best blah, blah blah.

On the16th January it will be my 23 year anniversary of working in the fitness, health and wellbeing industry.  Hard to believe I have been helping ladies (of a certain age!) to feel better about themselves, enjoy a strong fit body and to have fun whilst doing it for a whole 23 years!  There is one thing for sure, every January I have heard the same messages, the same promises from diets and gyms, the internet etc.

In my experience the ladies who DO challenge themselves and DO set goals and DO change are the ones who have the right mindset from the outset.  What makes them different?

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Susan’s top 5 suggestions for your Christmas Present list 2018

1. Book – Paleo Primer by Keris Marseden – this book is both informative and has excellent easy to do recipes for the cleanest eating ready to hit all your New Year goals. £14.99 GET IT HERE

2. Spiralizer – these are a must have kitchen gadget for 2016. Make courgetti (spaghetti style courgette), spaghetti style cucumber and carrot to help replace the carbs for veggies instead. £12.85 BUY ONE HERE

3. ALIVE The 7 Day Detox – Start 2016 with a big clean eating boost. This is a brand new online delivered 7 day detox with YOU in mind. (Discounted price £15 for a limited period) MORE INFO
Everyday I will post into a private facebook group, what to eat and a video of the exercise you should do and a motivational video. You can view and look at all of this stuff as and when you like. People will post photos of what they are eating, chat and discuss motivational tactics etc. It works really well, it’s like a virtual class with people from all over the world doing the same diet and exercise over a period of 7 days. At the end of the 7 days, I will give guidelines on how to continue to maintain your weight loss.

4. Relaxing Back massage or Reflexology – I highly recommend Calmer Life Therapy’s to help you to relax your way into January. Get your vouchers from £20-£40 from Dawn. CLICK HERE

5. Boudoir Photo shoot – This, I found, was so much more than ‘just and photoshoot’ Amanda knows how to capture the most inner beauty in any woman. Hair and make-up is wonderful in itself, and the finished photos where tasteful, classic and truly works of art. I definitely recommend this for any woman. Loved it – more of an experience than a photoshoot. Email Amanda for prices

New Pilates Prop coming to our classes in 2019

Here at Alive Pilates, we run a full class program using small hand weights, small balls and resistance bands (Small Pilates Props) to further enhance and develop your core whilst performing the classic pilates moves.

I am excited to announce that as from January 2019 I will be adding another fabulous small prop to our family.

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Alive Pilates – Bringing YOU back to YOU.

There is so much more to this session than the actual pilates exercises.

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Menopause facts – Hot flushes… how to sooth

Wow, it’s mid Summer here and the weather is adding to my already sweaty body from my hot flushes.

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Alzheimer’s disease, many womens’ greatest fear.

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common cause of dementia, accounting for half of the cases. AD is a progressive brain/body disorder characterised by gradual memory loss, nerve cell loss, dysfunction of connections between nerve cells (synapses), and subsequent impairment in cognitive and behavioural functions.

The Alzheimer’s Gene: APOE4

Women with APOE4 have a threefold greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. About 20 to 25 percent of the population has one or two copies of the APOE4 gene. However, only about 20 percent of patients with Alzheimer’s disease carry the gene.

What We Know:

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Sleep more – live longer

Sleep is one of our Longevity hearts on our Longevity tree, but why is it so important?

There’s many, but here are my top three to start with……

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