10 Years of Alive Fitness

Wow, celebrating a decade of Alive Fitness is so excitting! 🎉 Can you believe it’s been 10 years since we embarked on this journey together? The Alive brand, with its focus on building strength and resilience for healthy aging in women, has become more than just a business; it’s a lifestyle, a commitment to staying alive and thriving

How exciting to reminisce about the beginnings of Alive Fitness! 💫 10 years ago, in April 2014, I took the leap and opened my business.

It was definitely scary going it alone, but I was fuelled by passion and determination.

💪 Starting as a Diet & Fitness business, I soon realised the incredible support from my clients.





🌟 Their encouragement and belief in me kept me going, even during the toughest times.











From the very start, my vision for Alive Fitness was clear: to empower women in menopause & beyond to lead healthier, stronger, and more joyful lives.

The Alive brand, with its focus on building strength and resilience for healthy aging in women, has become more than just a business; it’s a lifestyle, a commitment to staying alive and thriving!

Alive Pilates in Derby is not just a class; it’s a sanctuary for building and maintaining mobility, strength, and flexibility. I’ve carefully crafted these sessions to enhance balance, coordination, and promote mental health awareness – a perfect recipe for a long, strong life!

And now in the Menofit online club, we’ve got the full package – from the revitalising Alive Pilates to the invigorating Lift Lean and the heart-pumping Alive Cardio. And let’s not forget those insightful nutrition and well-being talks. It’s a holistic approach to health, and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve built together.

At 56, I feel stronger, both mentally and physically, thanks to the Alive community. It’s a win-win situation, keeping not just our bodies but also our brains active and excited. As I approach 27 years of teaching fitness, the passion is still burning bright.

To all the amazing women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and guiding on this journey, thank you for getting stronger, breathing deeper, and bringing those smiles into the room every week. Let’s keep the Alive spirit alive and thriving for as long as we can! 💪🌟 Cheers to health and vitality! xx

🚀 That ‘ALIVE’ vision remains at the heart of everything we do today. Here’s to a decade of growth, strength, and making a difference together! 🎉

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Pilates vs Yoga?

If I had a pound every time someone asked me that very question…….

Pilates vs Yoga

How old are they?

Pilates has been around since the 1920’s, devised by Joseph Pilates as a rehab sequence of exercises designed especially for the soldiers.

The development of yoga can be traced back to over 5,000 years ago, but some researchers think that yoga may be up to 10,000 years old.

Posture and Alignment

Both practices have posture and alignment as a main focus, however, at a Pilates class you will align your body and then move through this alignment, very rarely do we hold a pose or position. In yoga styles like vinyasa and sun salutations do move continuously with the breath but others the posture maybe held for longer such as yin, which could be up to about 4-5 minutes.


Pilates is used more for physical rehab, say after an injury or operation and can certainly strengthen and lengthen the body. Yoga is used more for mental and emotional rehab, it focuses more on the board muscles groups and there is more emphasis on balance and meditation.


Again both practices use the breath. Yoga focuses on breathing within the poses in a meditative way, whereas in pilates the breath is used to help you move through the exercises to ensure the deep core muscles are recruited.


Yoga uses small pieces of equipment, such as traps and blocks to help adapt certain postures.

Pilates however, uses small equipment to intensify the movements and give vital feedback to the user on which of the core muscles are more contracted than others. There are also large pieces of equipment called, reformers, cadillacs, barrels and arcs which can further enhance your Pilates experience.

Mind and Body

Both practices work towards connecting the mind to the body. Pilates is more just mind and body awareness, whereas Yoga adds in the spiritual side also.

Strength and Flexibility

Yoga is well known for it’s ability to get your body into postures you didn’t think it could get into, and therefore gives you strength through length. Pilates also gives you strength, but more through movements from building core strength and aligning the limbs correctly in order to make your whole body stronger. Through these movements you will also gain flexibility.

Pilates has become increasingly popular, indeed GP’s and Physios are now recommending it to patients. Yoga is also being mentioned by doctors as a great way to lower your stress levels and calm your nervous system.

In summary, both practices have similar benefits, similar goals and outcomes. I personally believe you should have a go at both. Both give you a chance to go on a mini personal journey of your mind and body. Every session you will find out more about your joints, muscles, mindset, emotions, limiting beliefs and endurance levels. They are both fantastic ways to explore yourself,

with no judgement,

no comparison to others,

just you,

your body and mind for 60 minutes of bliss.

I highly recommend both Pilates and Yoga, I am now a Yin Yoga teacher and you will be sure to know that all my classes are centered around making you feel, stronger, calmer, less stiff and will walk out of the class feeling you can move freer and with more ease.


Common Foot Conditions


All about the Hip Joint

Common Knee Joint Conditions

Pilates & Fitness Classes ‘At Home with Susan’

What a strange and interesting time we find ourselves in now… Boris has given us a little bit of freedom, but still not enough for me to feel safe to run my group classes yet, so I would love to help you get through this next section of the lockdown and come out the other side even stronger and more intentional with your fitness and health than ever.

Lets keep each other going via the medium of in the Internet. Let’s use this extra time we have to learn new things, push ourselves out of our comfort zones, and grow mentally and physically stronger.

I offer you regular 4 LIVE classes per week, plus a LIVE meditation, a large bank of exercise sessions, a chatty whatsapp group, a coffee and chat LIVE stream (Via Zoom) and as a FREE Bonus, access to a 7 day healthy eating plan.

Lets take control of the things we CAN control, and that’s what you eat and how you move your body given the current restrictions.

Current members are commenting saying they are loving the routine it is keeping them to.  They are also loving the variety the classes offer them, every bit of the body is challenged.

My sessions are specifically aimed at the woman over 40 who wants to get and stay in shape for the rest of her life.  Things alter in our bodies when we hit this milestone birthday, it’s important to tailor your fitness and health in order to stay fit and healthy.  





Why is Frozen Shoulder so common in 40+ Women?

As you know I mainly work in my pilates sessions with women who are entering their 3rd stage of life, that is the time in or beyond their menopause.  So many of these women find their shoulders stiffen up or are painful on movement, they visit their GP’s and are diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder.  I wonder why?  As many of these women have been ‘moving’ with me for many years, their shoulders are mobile, they are flexible and strong… so why?

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Survey results: 64% women over 40 leak…

I was surprised by some of the results of my recent survey aimed towards 40+ women and their pelvic situations.  A staggering 64% of them admitted to accidentally leak urine when exercising, playing sport, laughing, coughing or sneezing?  And of these women, none of them had seeked any treatment to help them recover from this embarrassing situation.

Many women, when questioned, said things like ‘it’s my age”,  “I‘ve always had this problem”,  ‘It’s to be expected now I’m old’.

Let’s make one thing clear now.

Leaking urine in any circumstances, can be COMMON for women over 40, but it is totally and utterly AVOIDABLE.

I think it’s really sad that the adverts on the telly for pads have made it acceptable and ‘normal’.  I hated wearing Tena ladies, they felt awful, were NOT sexy and NOT comfy.  I am glad I took action with my body and now never have to wear them again.

I know this sounds silly but my passion is the 40+ woman’s pelvic health!!  I know I can help you to help yourself to understand the issues, the risks the anatomy and a whole lot more stuff which will help you never to wear those bloody awful pads.

I have a 4 week course in Derby, starting in February, why not come along, take action and control of your pelvic health.  Yes I get it, it can be embarrassing talking about your lady parts, but you don’t have to, I will just talk and you can just listen! (I love to talk, so that’s easy for me!).  We will be doing Pilates style exercises along side our course to help you to strengthen and understand your core.

Find out more HERE

Women’s Wellness Christmas Present Ideas

  1. Health Food Guide Magazine 6 month subscription £14.97 – I love this monthly magazine. It is full of healthy nutritious recipes which are beautifully designed with the 40+ woman in mind. There are always interesting articles about health, fitness and mindfulness. Every month there is a new 7 day eating plan which is based on 1500 kcals per day. Very motivating. CLICK HERE

2. The 4 Pillar Plan – £11.74 This book has condensed some of the most up-to-date and relevant research in the area of lifestyle and healthy living. It is packed full of ideas and tips and is easy to understand, fun and inspiring. The author is a GP and has a wealth of knowledge on all wellness topics.
I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to live a healthy life, anyone with illnesses such as diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks. Anyone wanting to lose weight and feel better. And if you already have this book, he also has one called The Stress Solution (£10) and a new one coming out on 27th Dec called Feel Better in 5 (£8.47).

3. Mirafit 15mm Extra Thick Exercise Floor Mat – Many women in my pilates classes ask me where they can purchase a good pilates mat from. Amazon has this one from MIRA for a great price of just £9.97. It’s 15mm thick, and feels great on your spine. They come in a lovely range of colours. A great choice for a low cost Christmas gift.

4. The Calm App Annual Subscription – Calm is an app which provides a new daily guided 10 minute meditation each day. The annual sub is £59 for the year, however you can try it first for free for 30 days. Find out more about meditation and its benefits here.

5. The Hog (£20) and the Bender Ball (£7) – These are a couple of the pilates props we use in our classes every week. I now have them for you to purchase as I know these two pieces of equipment will ease your aches and pains as well as improve your flexibility and strength in your body. Please email me at [email protected] to order one for delivery in the New Year.

Special Pilates Workshop Sessions

You’ve done Pilates classes with all the small equipment, the bands, balls, magic circle and the small hand weights, now it’s time to up the anti and get bigger with your props.

Introducing to special Workshop sessions:

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