Sore Back? Try these….

Special Pilates Workshop Sessions

You’ve done Pilates classes with all the small equipment, the bands, balls, magic circle and the small hand weights, now it’s time to up the anti and get bigger with your props.

Introducing to special Workshop sessions:

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You exercise in a Village Hall?

I have been teaching fitness for over 21 years now. Back in the early 90’s when I qualified, aerobics classes in Village Halls were the norm.  No need to pay huge gym fees, just pop along to your local post office and take a look in their window for posters advertising their local classes.  Usually pay as you go option and and away you go.

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Hand Towel Workout

Easy Workout

Pure Abs Workout

20 Minute workout for 40+ Women

Abs, Arms & Ass Workout

Garden Workouts

Ridiculously Easy on the Knees