You exercise in a Village Hall?

I have been teaching fitness for over 21 years now. Back in the early 90’s when I qualified, aerobics classes in Village Halls were the norm.  No need to pay huge gym fees, just pop along to your local post office and take a look in their window for posters advertising their local classes.  Usually pay as you go option and and away you go.

These days that still happens.  I have the same halls I had all those years ago.  They are well maintained and are often run by a friendly team of villagers.

Yes, low cost gyms have popped up, with all their shiny new equipment and uniforms.  But what these are often missing is the sense of community, belonging and fun that a Village Hall class can give.

At our club, named ALIVE Fitness as I wanted to portray the fact we are very much ALIVE at ALIVE!, we don’t just do fitness.  There is a whole host of other heart warming stuff that we do.

As a group we like to raise money for charity.  We have walked, gathered, collected and baked to raise money.  Last year we gathered food for the food bank instead of having an advent calendar.  Last Winter my ladies knitted squares for the Derby Night shelter. And we annually do the charity walk for Treetops.

Long lasting friendships have been formed.  The ladies love to go on shopping trips together and spa days are organised to further our bond and have fun doing it. We have canoed down the Trent (which was a giggle) and I personally have formed some solid close relationships will my ladies, they make my life all the more richer.


I am passionate about helping these ladies not to just feel good about themselves, but feel GREAT about there lives in general.  The classes include an informative 15 minute chat/talk about longevity, nutrition and movement in general to help the ladies live a long, healthy and fun life.

AND we are so good at eating CAKE, a few years ago we raised over £2000 for Treetops hospice buy holding one coffee morning! Beat that!

So, even though the main focus of the class is to do a fitness session aimed at women over 40.  There is SO much more that comes with it.

So, come along and give us a try….

Monday’s – 9.30am-10.45am – Spondon Village Hall

Contact Susan to chat about it if you like 01332 855116