Five BIG tips for women over 40

For many years I have listened to women, mostly girls that primarily want to drop a few pounds but also want to feel GOOD, want to feel back to there normal selves.

I have heard all about their feelings of bloatiness (is that even a word?), sluggishness, and just general feelings of dissatisfaction with their bodies and general health.  The one thing all of these women have in common is their age.  They had hit their 40’s and suddenly they feel very DIFFERENT.

I am also 40+, infact I am now 50, and I too, have the same feelings, I GET those ladies gripes. So, I took it upon myself, for the sake of these lovely ladies and for myself (if I’m honest) to find out why all of a sudden they (and I) feel like they can’t lose weight anymore and why do we feel generally ‘off’?

I have been studiyng, got myself a qualification no less, I have researched and trailed and am pleased to say I have found some solutions to these issues.

My five main go to’s for 40+ women to get back to themselves again.

  1. Stress Management – As hormones are awry when we hit 40, it is essential we firstly monitor our stress levels.  Do this by making specific times in the week for YOU.  Go for a massage, yoga or pilates session.  Meet a friend for a chat and laugh.
  2. Nourishment – eat a variety of nutritious foods to help your body to copy with the fluctuating hormones.  Eat masses of colourful vegetables and salad, the more the better.
  3. Fill Yourself Up – the seesawing of hormones can often make you feel hungry and give you lots of sugar cravings.  My tip is to eat PROTEINS at every meal (including breakfast – eggs are good) to help to pacify those cravings.  Also make protein your go to for snacks, examples are cooked chicken, nuts, seeds, nugget of cheese.
  4. Smarten up your Exercise – Sometimes long exercise can upset your hormones even more (not what we want at all), so lets make our exercise short bursts, and to help your body sleep much better make sure you fit in some weight bearing exercise, such as kettlebells, pilates, yoga, or weights in the gym.
  5. Sleep – Chances are your sleep quality has also changed. In a recent sleep survey I did, most women either woke more than once per night, or woke up too early and couldn’t get back to sleep. Work on the quality of your sleep, a couple of examples would be to have a small protein snack just before bed and make sure you are in bed around 10-10.30pm. There are loads more tips. Message me if you would like more.

I run two classes in Derby which help women over 40 to understand their bodies better.  We talk about living a long healthy life, about food, fitness, sleep and we exercise at the end.  Each month there is an optional monthly weigh-in on Body Fat scales.  Please contact me if you would like to give our ALIVE Health & Fitness classes a try.  Susan 01332 855116