Winter Nights are here…


How many of us have managed to do some regular physical activity and been reasonably sensible about our diet during the Summer when it’s light till late?

How many of us close the curtains, turn up the heating, curl up on the settee, watch TV just because it’s on and have a little bowl of evening snacks on the table beside us now that the nights are drawing in?


How many of us start the New Year vowing to lose weight and get fitter?


winter nights photo

Here’s a few weight- busting tips to help you through Autumn and Winter without too many problems.


  1. Don’t turn your heating up until your house feels like a sub-tropical jungle  – wear an extra sweater. Not only will you save money and be ‘green’, you’ll be looking after yourself too.  Excessive heat dries the skin and makes us feel more tired.
  2. Get moving – small movements add up.  Take the batteries out of the remote control. Getting up and down to change channels or an extra trip or two upstairs helps to keep muscles in shape and uses extra calories.
  3. Keep your hands busy and you won’t have time to snack.  Knitting is the new celebrity skill – get your needles out and get clicking.  Big cardies are very fashionable and so easy and quick to knit, and they make lovely Christmas gifts. Cast on now and keep your fingers nimble.
  4. Stand tall, sit straight, pull in your abdominal muscles all the time and you’ll look half a stone slimmer!  Imagine your waistband is on fire and pull in your stomach muscles so you don’t get burnt.  Do this as often as you can during the day and it will train them to stay that way forever!
  5. Enjoy it!  Think positively. This can be an exciting time of year – glorious colours, crisp days, cosy evenings together, festive lights, and in a few weeks time we’ll be thinking about Summer holidays again!

Remember Summer bodies are definitely made in the Winter.

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