Special Pilates Workshop Sessions

You’ve done Pilates classes with all the small equipment, the bands, balls, magic circle and the small hand weights, now it’s time to up the anti and get bigger with your props.

Introducing to special Workshop sessions:

Pilates with the Foam Roller Workshop – 22nd January 2020.  Wednesday 6-8pm Inside Out Pilates, Babington Lane, Derby £15 (limited spaces)


Pilates with the Swiss Ball Workshop – 29th January 2020.  Wednesday 6-8pm Wednesday  Inside Out Pilates, Babington Lane, Derby £15 (limited spaces)


These workshops will be held in the beautiful space that is INSIDE OUT PILATES Studio.  The numbers will be limited to ensure you get lots of 1-2-1 time.  There is FREE parking at Speedys Garage which is just opposite the studio.  All the equipment will be supplied.


Foam Roller Workshop

There are studies that demonstrate that foam rolling produces improvements in flexibility, pain relief and joint movement but there’s no definitive answer as to why. It’s thought that it may help by:

  • Disrupting the nerves that transmit pain signals (like rubbing your leg when you walk into something)
  • Increasing blood flow to flush out the chemicals that cause inflammation or pain
  • Redistributing water to dehydrated muscles and the soft tissues wrapped around them (fascia)
  • Releasing sore spots in your muscles (trigger points) and tight fascia. This is often referred to as ‘myofascial release’

I will be guiding you through a specific two hour session of pilates using this prop. We will move from standing movement poses through to transition to the floor and then really get into those stubborn sticky areas to release your fascia whilst strengthening your deep core muscles.

Swiss Ball Workshop

The second workshop we will be using a large Swiss Ball.  This can be challenging for your core, there is no hiding your pelvic stability with this piece of equipment!  The primary benefit of exercising with a Swiss ball is that the body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, leading to greater activation of core muscles, which can result in improved back and spine health, core stability, posture and muscle balance.


Everyone is welcome, however we only have 8 spaces at the foam roller workshop and just 6 at the Swiss Ball Workshop available so book quickly to avoid disappointment.