Standing Up!

Last weekend I was doing some people watching, which has now evolved into posture watching for me now! There is no right or wrong posture.  When you really study the human form you will see just how different we all are!

I am fascinated with the way people manoeuvre their bodies.  Many of us, I believe, are totally unaware of the way they hold themselves and the way they move their limbs when walking. I was observing a woman who had a slight stoop, nothing too terrible, but I was wondering when was the last time she looked in the mirror and properly took a few minutes thinking about her stance.

That’s why every week in your pilates class with me we take some time to stop and think about how your body is standing in space.  We are lucky at the Littleover evening class, as we have mirrors in the class, and it really has improved everyones postures.  So, next time you take a bit of time looking at your stance, here is a little check list of what to look out for:

Is your chin tucked in?
Where are your shoulders
Is the weight in the back of your heels/feet,
Is your spine in neutral or not?

Next time you have a bit of time, do a bit of people watching and check out the various postures of the human form.