Introducing the ALIVE Longevity Tree

A year ago I asked my ladies the following question:  “What concerns you the most about your future health?”  I thought the outcome would be heart attack, Parkinson’s or diabetes, but the number one thing that came out at the top was the fear of dementia, the memory robbing Alzheimers being the top concern.

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How does Mindful Movement help?

As you read this, wiggle your toes. Feel the way they push against your shoes, and the weight of your feet on the floor. Really think about what your feet feel like right now – their heaviness.

Well done you just did some mindful movement, yes, it is as simple as that.

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You exercise in a Village Hall?

I have been teaching fitness for over 21 years now. Back in the early 90’s when I qualified, aerobics classes in Village Halls were the norm.  No need to pay huge gym fees, just pop along to your local post office and take a look in their window for posters advertising their local classes.  Usually pay as you go option and and away you go.

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