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As you know I very rarely give discounts on our popular Pilates classes in Derby.
Terms & Conditions: This offer expires on Tuesday 21st November.  Limited to one per person.

Only 6 offers available.

Not available to current online members.

  • 10 Face to face classes (can be used anytime in 6 months) = worth £85
  • Online membership for 3 months – worth £66
Total Worth = £151
Black Friday Offer £95
Be Quick there are only 6 available and this offer closes 28th November 2023

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Are all your family and friends asking you what you want for Christmas?
Do you have a friend who you want to get a gift for, but just don’t know what to get her?
Are you 40/50/60 plus? Do you want to start your journey to health and fitness in the comfort of your own living room?
Are you short on time, and don’t have time to go to a fitness class?
Do you want to learn about Women’s Health after the age of 40?
Are you getting menopausal symptoms and just don’t know how to manage them?

Lots of questions…. If you answered yes to some or all of these then….

I have the perfect solution for you, AND your friend. Why not join together?

‘Menofit At Home with Susan’ is an online Fitness and Health club ESPECIALLY for women over 40/50/60/70 who either haven’t exercises for ages, or are wanting to start some kind of exercise.

>>Every week Susan delivers one safe (for your knees, hips and pelvic floor) cardio session and one pilates session on her online platform
>>All the sessions are recorded and are housed in a HUGE video Library for you to use at your own convenience
>>Within the library there are many recorded talks and health chats with topics on weight gain in mid life, anxiety, menopause and habit change, and many more.
For just £11, you can get your friend a lovely gift of Health & Fitness. And why not get one for yourself so you can join in the fun together x