Your State of Mind – Make It Work For You, Not Against You

For many of us, losing weight can mean a whole host of problems – we may lack self-belief, we may have failed many

times in the past or we may find it just too hard to make the changes that deep down we know we should.

So, before going any further, we want you to adopt the state of mind that will enable you to gain true benefits from this process. We want you to:

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How many calories does stress have? We agree this is a ridiculous question, but ask almost anyone if stress can make a person fat and you will receive a resounding yes But if we agree stress has no calories, and we also believe fat gain is all about calories, then how does stress stimulate fat gain?

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Which Foods Stem Hunger Pangs?

Firstly, we all eat more food than we need for different reasons.  For example one lady could eat for boredom, another through emotion, another through habit.  In this blog we are going to focus on pure hunger.

Lets start with diagnosing HUNGER.  Hunger is or can be a physical feeling in the tummy, often accompanies with a growling sound!  Ask yourself when you last actually felt real hunger like I described.  Many people will find it hard to answer that question, yet many of my ladies are afraid that they will ‘starve’ or fell hungry if they don’t load up their plate with piles of food, huge portions, and continue to top themselves up in between…. just in case!  It really does seem ridiculous to feel like this when food is in abundance in this country, there is always a shop open where food is reasonably priced and always available.  So, if you feel like this, then I would say you are NOT hungry, you are eating emotionally.

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5 Keys to A Flat Tummy

Flat tummy…. it’s something I hear a lot amongst my ladies.  ‘Where has mine gone?’  ‘What happened to my slim waistline?’  ‘Why is my waist getting thicker, I’m not doing anything differently?’

Here are 5 KEY things you can start with to get you on the road to that Flat Tummy

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Every Woman’s Nemesis Belly Fat….

It has taken me a while, but after 20 years in the the Health and Fitness industry and after helping literally thousands of women to lose weight, I have come up with a great solution to help the 40+ women to lose the bloat, belly fat AND never feel hungry.

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Kick Start your Metabolism

Metabolism – term given to the rate at which your body burns calories.

Lets start by banishing a couple of common myths…..

1. I’ve got a slow metabolism

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Craving…. 10 tips to curb it.

In my experience, CRAVINGS especially during the dark deep depths of Winter, can be the single thing that stops us to lose those unwanted pounds.  The top two foods that many of my clients crave are CHOCOLATE and CHEESE.  

Here are 10 things you can put into action NOW to rid yourself of them.

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Top 7 Tips on how to stick to your weight loss plan

  1. Know your motivation. To start, you need to know your ‘WHY’. You need to want your goal, need your goal, live sleep and eat your goal! Many peoples motivation comes from simple places, such as clothes getting tighter, seeing themselves in a photograph. Others have medical reasons to lose weight, or certain events they need/want to lose the weight for. What ever it is…. Write it down, here NOW …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

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