Gut Health In Menopause & Beyond Years

If you asked me the one thing you could do to improve your nutrition in Menopause and beyond, I would say.

Improve your gut health.

Whilst gut health research dates back to as early as 1840, In 1998, Michael Gershon published a popular science book titled The Second Brain, in which the author elaborates a scientific discovery called revolutionary for its time: that the nerve cells in the gut have an independent, not brain-controlled influence on the functions of the intestine.  The gut brain connection was discovered.  So quite a new phenomena, and the research continues.

Menopause can have several gastrointestinal symptoms, ranging from constipation and diarrhoea to bloating, indigestion, weight loss or gain to heartburn and vomiting. Most people think about changes to the ovaries and the uterus when considering menopause.

Decreasing amounts of oestrogen and progesterone during menopause can slow down the process of food passing through the GI system. When the digestive process takes longer, more water is reabsorbed back into the bloodstream, which can lead to the constipation, increased gas and bloating

Another key finding is that menopause changes the community of bacteria living in the gut, which is called the microbiome. There is a link between certain gut bacteria and better memory.

Probiotics may help ease menopause symptoms and regulate body weight, but their effectiveness remains controversial. More research is needed to explore and support the health benefits associated with probiotic use during the various stages of menopause.

In the meantime the foods I am suggesting you eat regularly here can also help with the following symptoms of ageing:

Skin elasticity

Improves sleep

Improves joint pains

Improves memory

Improves bloating

Improves weight loss


So what should you be eating on a gut healthy diet?









Brussel sprouts


Blue cheese



Some of those foods you probably won’t even recognize their names or even know what they are.  Here is a video of me going around the supermarket finding these foods to help you to get them into your life.

Gut health is the future key to optimum health for the meno and beyond woman.

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