Kick Start your Metabolism

Metabolism – term given to the rate at which your body burns calories.

Lets start by banishing a couple of common myths…..

1. I’ve got a slow metabolism

There is a genetic influence on metabolism but it is impossible to gain weight if you only eating the calories you need and taking regular exercise. The most important factor in metabolism is how much fat-free mass your body contains – the more toned your body, the faster your resting metabolism. This is the rate at which you expend energy on basic body functions, such as breathing and blood circulation, this accounts for most of the energy you burn daily.

2. Yo-yo dieting messes up your metabolism

Severe calorie restriction will lead to a drop in metabolism – your body goes into starvation mode and conserves energy in case what it ‘thinks’ is a famine continues.  You just need to get back to regular exercise and a healthy eating plan.

dumbbells photo

The facts are
1. Exercise raises your metabolism
To raise metabolism you need to increase your percentage of lean body tissue so you need to build muscle. The biggest fat-burning source in your body is muscle – just by adding two pounds of muscle it is estimated you will burn an extra 65 calories a day. Exercise classes such as body sculpt and Kettlebells are ideal for adding lean muscle.
2. Your metabolism is faster in summer than winter  Metabolism ticks over more quickly in the summer.  The reason for this is that more melanin is released in the sunshine, which helps get rid of that sluggish feeling.  Exercise can help your body’s sluggish feelings in the winter.

3.  Metabolism varies with the time of day and month  Eating a good protein based breakfast will boost your metabolism, Hormones affect metabolism on a monthly basis – hence physiological changes. Weight changes are more likely to be water retention and carb cravings.

5 – Ways to boost metabolism

  1. Hit the Weights
  • A 20-minute weight training session will work wonders for your metabolic rate.
  • Metabolic rate stays high up to 2 hours after the workout.
  1. Become a Fidget
  • People who fidget tend to be slimmer.
  • Constant moving about means they use up more energy
  1. Eat Three Meals a Day
    • Eat a protein based breakfast within one hour of getting up, otherwise or metabolic rate will slump and the day will get off to a bad start.
    • Eat 3 meals at regular intervals throughout the day to keep rate ticking over.
    • spices photo4. Go for the Burn


  • Hot spices, particularly chilli and ginger can raise your metabolic rate.
  • They increase your heart rate for up to 3 hours after you’ve eaten them.
  1. Ditch Those Slobby Ways
  • Remove remote control
  • Walk up the stairs rather than taking the lift
  • Get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way
  • Park the car in the furthest corner of the supermarket car park
  • Just move!