Every Woman’s Nemesis Belly Fat….

It has taken me a while, but after 20 years in the the Health and Fitness industry and after helping literally thousands of women to lose weight, I have come up with a great solution to help the 40+ women to lose the bloat, belly fat AND never feel hungry.

Not only is it a solution but it is delivered in an easy to follow 10 step plan of change.

If I had a pound for every woman who came to my classes over the past 20 years that said

‘I have got to get rid of this tummy. 

I didn’t used to have it? 

What’s happened?’

I would be a rich lady by now!  Certain changes to a woman’s hormones at this time of her life will create a thickening of the waist, in some cases bloating and many other alarming changes to her body.

I have set out to find out how I can help you to overcome these changes.  As a side effect of this eating plan you will also find boundless energy which you thought had long gone, clearer skin, increased quality in sleep etc etc.

Some of my ladies have decided to ‘go for it’ and take on all the 10 Steps in one go and follow my pre plan detox (Rapid Reset), but others like to take the gentler approach and ease themselves in at a slower pace.  And that is exactly what ALIVE classes are designed to help you with, gradual changes to enable sustainable weight loss, less bloating and belly fat, for EVER.


I understand that many of you are unable to attend regular classes, so I am going to go through all the solutions, the 10 steps and the science behind this plan at a one off workshop evening event.

CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE AND TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKET NOW.  Hurray though, as places are limited.