Craving…. 10 tips to curb it.

In my experience, CRAVINGS especially during the dark deep depths of Winter, can be the single thing that stops us to lose those unwanted pounds.  The top two foods that many of my clients crave are CHOCOLATE and CHEESE.  

Here are 10 things you can put into action NOW to rid yourself of them.

  • Don’t skip meals.   When you skip a meal, you will be more likely to experience cravings simply because you are hungry


  • For the same reason, don’t starve yourself!   If you eat too little your body will feel so deprived that these cravings are more like to strike


  • Drink plenty of water.  Dehydration can sometimes be mistaken for hunger and can heighten cravings, especially for sweet foods

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  • Understand that cravings are a normal response to living in an environment where food, and especially junk food is freely available.  Eliminate as many food cues as possible – if you were given Chocolates as presents at Christmas and they are still in your house, give them away.  Ask that no-one buys you chocolate or anything that you crave for, ever again.


  • Be aware that cravings pass.  When you get a craving, wait 20 minutes.  There is a good chance that it will subside.  If it doesn’t, eat something small, you may be genuinely hungry.


  • Put distance between you and food.  When the urge to eat hits stay away from the kitchen, go for a walk, or leave the shopping centre and simply step away from temptation. Diversion tactics are a great way to curb your cravings.


  • Take responsibility for your eating.  Believing that certain foods are “addictive” may be a way of giving yourself permission to overeat. Chocolate isn’t addictive. Make sure you are eating healthy filling meals, packed with protein and fibre (vegetables or salad).  These foods will ensure you are NOT hungry ever again.
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  • Exercise rather than eat when you are stressed.  When you eat fat/sweet food, such as chocolate, endorphins are released in the brain, which induce euphoric or pleasurable feelings.  The same brain chemicals are released in response to aerobic exercise.


  • Indulge once in a while.  Don’t deprive yourself completely of your favourite foods.  This all-or-nothing attitude could be your down-fall.  If you crave chocolate/cheese, it is unlikely that you will have a big blowout if you eat a fun size bar of chocolate/cheese or two over the weekend.


  • Be aware of your eating.  Begin to identify what these foods you are craving really provide.  Is it really the ice cream or are you craving the comfort and security you get when you eat it