Your State of Mind – Make It Work For You, Not Against You

For many of us, losing weight can mean a whole host of problems – we may lack self-belief, we may have failed many

times in the past or we may find it just too hard to make the changes that deep down we know we should.

So, before going any further, we want you to adopt the state of mind that will enable you to gain true benefits from this process. We want you to:

  • Banish any cynicism
  • Be enthusiastic about the changes you are about to make – they will make you lose weight, so we want to see you getting excited!
  • Take time to work through your personal eating and exercise plan in an uninterrupted setting. Preferably on your own with a nice cup of fruit tea (no biscuits!)
  • Be brave – what are you prepared to do to make this work?
  • Banish excuses – let’s think of what we can do rather than what we can’t.
  • Be persistent! Our most successful clients have continued to try even when they face setbacks.

Human beings are creatures of habit. We like to keep on familiar territory because it makes us feel safe. We often refer to this state of mind as being ‘within our comfort zone’ because we are just that – comfortable and unchallenged.

Unfortunately, all our bad habits, the ones that made us fat, also live in our comfort zone. We may hate our body shape, but letting go of these bad habits is a painful process and for many of us, we just can’t bring ourselves to do it. That chocolate biscuit with a cup of coffee, the extra helping of potatoes, the packet of sweets when we fill up with petrol are well-established routines and we need real energy to drag ourselves away from them.

The purpose of this blog is to give you the energy and enthusiasm to cut the ties with these destructive habits. This process will finally release you from the negative cycle of overeating and gaining weight.

success photo

  1. Your expectations: Are you too much of a perfectionist so end up being a classic all-or-nothing dieter? Either in the gym and eating lettuce all day or sitting on the sofa tucking into fish and chips? By making your expectations realistic we will show you how a modest but steady weight loss is always more successful than crash dieting.
  1. Patience – How many years, or even decades, have you been overweight? During this time, how many times have you started a diet? How long do you normally stick to a diet? Just imagine that on one of those diets you lost an average of 1 lb per week for a year. You would have lost 4 stones in that time. Yet the chances are, you gave up before you could see these impressive results because in your own mind you weren’t losing enough weight each week.
  2. Enthusiasm: When we look at our most successful clients, we are struck by their enthusiasm for this health for life program. But they didn’t start off this way. Almost without exception, they felt hopeless and depressed when we first saw them. Yet they followed our healthy eating plan accurately, saw the results and then became really excited! There energy levels zoomed, they felt happy and empowered AND (side effect) pounds dropped off week in, week out, their body fat melted away before their eyes, and all of a sudden they realised this was working!

By embracing this way of living, by being enthusiastic about it, you will achieve the success enjoyed by these members

4.Being Prepared to Make Changes: The habits you have now are not working. On the contrary, they are making you gain weight. So we need to make changes if the outcome is to change for the better. So try not to think about why you are unable to make these necessary changes – look for solutions. The advice we will give you will enable you to give your body the best nutrition for your time of life, and together we can find ways of introducing changes, but it has to work both ways. Remember all our suggestions will simply go to waste if we cannot implement them, which in turn will delay the moment when you achieve your new energised lifestyle.

5.BEING PREPARED TO MAKE A BIT MORE EFFORT THAN NORMAL: The process of changing our lifestyle may not come naturally. Because of this, it can sometimes seem as if we have to work a bit harder at doing the right thing. Don’t worry about this – any change involves some effort at the outset. But as your new, good habits become more established, it will be these that come naturally and you will soon wonder what all the fuss was about! So make that little bit of effort and you will soon be eating the right amount of food without realising it.

 6. TAKING THE ROUGH WITH THE SMOOTH: During this program, you will hit rocky patches – even our most successful slimmers experience this. But how we deal with our lapses is what it is ALL about. There is no doubt that we all lapse, but our reaction to lapses is what governs our ultimate success. So we will be helping you to be brave when you hit a bad patch so that you will finally hit your goal.

To be successful, you need to have the right state of mind. Be positive and you will succeed