You can have anything you want, but you cannot have everything.

A goal is ‘the object of a person’s ambition or effort.. a destination… an aim’. Everyone must have an aim, a destination that they are trying to arrive at. Let me quote a simple but truthful cliché: A person going nowhere gets there.

  • It is your DESIRE not your ABILITY that determines your success. Desire is the fuel that drives you forward towards the destination, which is represented by your goal. Therefore the goal is where you want to be  and the desire is how you get there.
  • If you accept that it is desire, not ability, that determines your success, how do you build up your desire? Your build desire by setting goals. It’s also important to realise that whilst striving towards any goal you will almost certainly encounter setbacks. There will be unforeseen circumstances and days when you are tempted to say ‘Oh stuff it!’, but a person striving towards that goal learns from mistakes. Within the time it takes you to reach your goal you learn, increase in confidence and knowledge, you may even make new relationships along the way. It’s all part of personal growth and development.
  • Let us look at Goal setting and how you can decide what it is you really want, and how to build the desire, the energy and fuel for achievement. Goals must be ambitious, but also within our reach. Everyday activities are not goals, winning the lottery is not a goal. A goal is something that you really want but are not currently experiencing. If you do not change anything in your life you will not experience anything different.
  • Make a list of your goals. This list should be divided into long term, mid term and short tem goals. Short term may be a simple ‘drink 8 glasses of water everyday’. Many people only indulge in’ goal thoughts’ –what they will do when they get there, not how they will actually get there.
  • Set deadlines: Decide when exactly you want to achieve a certain goal. Goal setting and achievement is not effective without a timescale. The brain cannot respond well without a deadline. When each deadline is reached CELEBRATE and reward yourself then get going on the next deadline.
  • Give up anything which is in direct opposition to your goal: If you have to change your patterns and routines and if you feel you are making a sacrifice, remember it is not a sacrifice. It is a step towards your goal, which is much more important to you than whatever you are going to sacrifice (if it’s a choice between a size 12 and a Mars bar you always need to ask yourself which would I rather sacrifice?)

The goal setting points above could be applied to any aspect of your life but we are particularly concerned with Health for us after 40 (weight loss being the side effect) and exercise planning. Remember the goals must be realistic and can be flexible to meet your changing needs. If you set goals you will remain focused for the task ahead and having a deadline fuels your energy to achieve your dream.