Your Food Beliefs

If you want to make the best choices effortlessly then this is the challenge for you!

My food philosophy: I feel very passionate about the food I eat. I have strong values surrounding my choices and what helps me make decisions. Being really clear on this will help you carve how you want your lifestyle to look and feel. Here are some examples of my food beliefs and values:

  1. I choose food that nourishes me at every opportunity.
  2. I don’t like to feel hungry or deprived so I choose foods that keep me full and satisfied.
  3. I eat and cook the best food I can. And encourage my family and friends to do the same.
  4. In any instance where choices do not meet my expectations I do my best to make the next best choices at that given time.
  5. If I choose to indulge in foods that aren’t going to help my fat loss goals they will still be of the best quality and still offer nourishment. I don’t beat myself up over doing my best.
  6. Food is a pleasure that enables us to share experiences and memories with others. However, good food and nourishment is the basis for health and not everyday will there be variety and choice but everyday there will be healthful food that balances my metabolic hormones and brain chemistry.
  7. I also want to spend time with people who feel the same or have similar values.
  8. I choose to avoid beige food and limit my sugar intake on a daily basis except for special occasions.
  9. I do not need to feel deprived as I know I can choose to have some whenever I like.
  10. I do my best to select food from ethical sources where my budget allows.
  11. I have no interest in eating foods that make me feel sluggish, tired or unhappy.

Your challenge this time is to write down your food values and beliefs. Read them again and again. Setting these beliefs and values down on paper can really help you when faced with making choices. Repetition is the mastery of skill. Say it in the present tense so your brain will act out your beliefs as opposed to saying ‘I will try’ or ‘I hope to’ Or ‘I will”

Feel free to share yours with me or the group to help inspire others to do the same or give them ideas on how to craft their own food philosophy. Have fun and think really hard about how you really feel about food. Re-program your conscious mind to help you make those decisions automatically. Freeing your conscious mind to be amazing!