Is your brain making you fat?

If you want to know what neurotrasmitter you may be low in, take this brief 4-question quiz.
Choose the one letter in each question that best describes you. If none describe you than leave
the question blank. If more than one describes you choose them all.

1) I crave:
a. Chocolate and/or coffee and/or sugar
b. I love fatty things like cream cheese, guacamole, and chocolate mousse
c. I love bread, pasta, and salty snacks
d. I don’t care what it is, I just want enough of it to make me feel full
2) At work or school:
a. I find it difficult to stay focused, have drops in energy, and procrastinate
b. I can never remember what I just did, I may have to redial the phone multiple times, and
can be slow to catch on.
c. People can easily annoy me, I usually trust my ideas over others and sometimes feel
others are out to get me.
d. I get anxious and worry about every little thing so much so that I sometimes have trouble
getting things done.
3) Exercise makes me feel:
a. More energized and powerful
b. Smarter and more creative
c. Happier and more attractive
d. More calm with less worries
4) If I feel depressed it is most likely to be:
a. A feeling of frustration that I cant ever stick to a plan or schedule or fulfill promises to
b. A feeling of mental slowness, mental frustration, or feelings that I am just not as smart as
c. I am just sad without any good reason. I often wish I looked different or was someone
sexier, smarter, and more likable
d. An anxious worrying type depression. Anxiety rather than depression more defines me.
Now total up your answers. If any letter was chosen 2 or more times, then there is a good
chance you have a deficiency in that neurotransmitter. Keep in mind you can often have
more than one deficiency and also may have none. Here is how the letters break down.


a. Dopamine
b. Acetylcholine
c. Serotonin