On ALIVE eating plans, you may have noticed foods such as avocados, seeds and nuts, fish, full fat Greek yoghurt – which in other diet clubs you may have been told to eliminate.

Fat is broken down very slowly and released into the blood stream, so it keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Plus at least 30% of your calories per day should be from fat – good fats, and most specifically Omega 3.

People following low fat diets have experienced all sorts of fat cravings indicating the body is lacking something – fat! Don’t go for skimmed milk either; it is too processed and full of hormones. Don’t use low fat spread as it contains so many chemicals that mess with metabolism – and anyway anything low fat will have sugar added for taste.

Sugar = insulin = fixing fat in the cells.

Change your view of fat – it is good for you in its natural state. Transfats and homogenised fats in baked goods and processed foods are the ones you need to be avoiding. With urgency!

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