Finding the Time to Exercise

I recently asked the ladies in my free facebook group for 40+ women what main issues they were facing at this changing time of their lives.

One of the most answers was….

‘I have difficulty finding time to fit in regular exercise’

Before I let you have some tips to solve this problem, I firstly want to let you into a little confession…

Although I have been teaching fitness for over 20 years I confess to also NOT finding time for regular exercise for myself.

Luckily I do get the exercise, as it’s my job, it’s my passion to find to deliver it to you.  But I know if I didn’t do it for you, I wouldn’t find the time either.  I would find all the excuses NOT to go to classes, to put that video on.

The thing is there is always something better to do, isn’t there.

Lets just go online and waste 3 hours browsing facebook, looking at clothes to buy (which you never do buy), lets see what so and so is doing on Istagram…..
Tips to Finding Time to fit in regular exercise:

1.      Notice what you DO spend your time doing.  Here’s my list…

  • Watching TV
  • Working
  • Housework
  • Shopping for food
  • Ironing
  • Cleaning
  • Tidying
  • Browsing the internet
fitness photo

Photo by debtony

Why not see what YOU spend your time doing daily.Try to analyze your day and workout the hours/minutes you do each of the activities, be honest with yourself.

2. Do the exercise first thing in the morning, before your brain has had time to reason with yourself!  Put your exercise clothing and trainers next to your bed and set an alarm for 15 minutes before your normal get up time.  Set your laptop to the youtube video you will be using to move to and just DO IT.  (Here is a link to video you can use which I recorded for my ladies recently )

3. You do not need to spend 3 hours, getting ready, driving to the gym, doing your workout, getting a shower and driving home.  Just get up and do it at home.  It will take 20 mins tops.

Hope you find time this week,

Susan (I have loads of time) Booth
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