Alive Pilates – Bringing YOU back to YOU… and now beaming into your own home!

There is so much more to this session than the actual pilates exercises.

So often at the beginning of my pilates sessions I notice the clients in the class that are living there lives in there heads.

The pilates session is looking like it is a ‘chore’ for them, something to just ‘get through’.

Here are 5 signs that this could be you:

*You often lose track of time
*You limit or prevent yourself truly connecting with someone else
*You mind Internally retreats, especially where you are required to be mentally present
*We can give off an air of being self-absorbed or self-involved without regard for others
*Sometimes you may lose the sense of reality

I like to encourage the mind and the body to work together as one. They effect each other. So if you mind is over busy you may see physical signs of this showing up in our bodies in the form of pain, illness or disease. So it is vital for our vitality that we get them working together, knowing each other.

Here’s 5 things we/I teach/achieve in each of our Pilates sessions.

*Taking deep clearing breaths
*Start to become consciously aware of our bodies feelings using slow mindful movements.
*Regularly ask you to notice how your body feels doing the pilates exercise
*Reinforce the feeling of your breath in your body throughout the session.
*Finishing every session with a mindful meditation which will, with continued practice, shrink the area of the brain which reacts to stress.

And now all of this is available in your own home! ‘At Home With Susan’ offers Pilates and Cardio exercise especially for the 40+ woman, LIVE sessions via Facebook, LIVE Meditation session, weekly Zoom coffee & chat, regular healthy eating plans.