Nourishing Eating Guidelines for a Healthy Diet from Menopause and Beyond

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Below you will find two downloads which will start you on your journey to health and wellness when you reach 40 and beyond.   Within the handbook you will find a few interactive sections have a go at them and let me know how you get on.

Print off the handbook then:

    • Take your chest, waist and hips measurements and record them on first page, put the date at the top.
    •  Complete the goal setting questionnaire, you will find this on page 5
    • On page 12 you will find a food record sheet, please fill this out each day before I see you next week

The 10 simple realistic changes for sustainable fat loss step by step on page 11 will help guide you through the rules of the diet.  You can start by just adhering to step 1 for the first day, then day by day adding a new rule to your habit change process.  Some of the rules will be easy for you, for example if you already drink lots of water daily, step two will be easy peasy for you.

Each day you stick to the rule tick off using the daily boxes on the right hand side of the sheet.

Below you will find a button to download A4 sheets of the 10 Steps, these are useful to print out and use weekly.  Please bring these to show me each week, if you find you are struggling with any of the rules I can give you various strategies to overcome any difficulties.

The Suggested 7 day meal plan is only a suggestion, (page 10) I would much rather you created your own eating plan from the 10 steps, however I know this can be overwhelming to begin with, so I have suggested this weekly plan.  You will find all the recipes in the downloadable recipe book below.

On page 7, please find time to study the shopping list, this will help you to understand the foods you can and cannot eat.

On page 13 you will see a weekly activity sheet, obviously you have already started moving (in our classes), remember exercise is only 20% of the whole process of weight loss, 80% is the food you put in your mouth.  Please take time to complete the activity sheet on your first week, again these are available for you to download weekly below.

The science and education behind the 10 Steps will be explained and talked about in the classes.  I am there to coach you through these changes, so it is important you attend the classes.  Change can be difficult, I can help you when it gets difficult.

Please take time to read the whole hand book and listen again to the 10 steps explained video, before I see you next in the meantime if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, this is my mobile number 07812 107684 (please use it wisely!)

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ALIVE Hormone Revive Recipe Book

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