Menofit Online Updates


My online offering is always changing, evolving and in my opinion getting better and better.  This all started in March 2020 as a reaction to the lockdown.  I wanted to support my face to face clients, keeping them (and me) active and sane during a very challenging few months/years!  Fast forward 4 years and the group is a stronger community than ever, bringing together Meno women (peri and post) to workout safely and with ease in their own homes.

You see, exercise needs to be tailored to a woman’s needs, restrictions and limitations at 55+.  For example one of my members has arthritic knees and finds most exercise videos on Youtube, Joe Wicks etc, to be too hard for her knees.  I tailor and adapt the exercise sessions to suit all.

Two videos are added weekly, one which concentrates on strengthening your body whilst working your heart, and one which helps you to stretch your joints, calm your nervous system and focus on your core.  These are all held in a huge video library.

Now, we have:

455 videos in the library

120 Cardio/HiiT sessions

32 classes with Balls

47 using the bands

20 with our favourite Hog

19 with the circle

74 with just a mat!  

On our 1st anniversary, March 2021, we launched Lift Lean classes, designed to increase the strength for Meno women we now have 72 videos to choose from for Lift Lean.  

There’s 9 complete beginners sessions

18 meditation videos

A Mini Meno Course

One brand new recipe book is added each month, which also includes a shopping list and a suggested 7 day meal plan.

We even have a total of 52 videos all under 30 minutes long if you are short of time.  

Phew!  That’s a lot!  

In November 2021 we launched Not At Home Well-Being Days and so far we have done 8 fabulous days.  I love it when we actually get to see each other face to face and chat and this is the very reason created these days, for you to actually meet each other, put a face to a name.  More of these to come.

All of those videos are completely different, I never do the same workout twice!  Mainly because I can’t remember!  Meno brain!

I create content for you to help you to better understand your Meno body and mind and help you to get to grips with nourishing your body into longevity.

You also have the option to Exercise along side in real time in your membership hub, you can chat in the comments.

Each week, before the LIVE facebook sessions on a Monday, I will go LIVE at 8.50am and we’ll discuss a health topic related to the Meno woman.  This could be anything to do with the Menofit woman.

If you would like to try before you buy you can have a FREE first month.  Click the link below to get started right now.

Thank you again,


Susan x