Introducing the ALIVE Longevity Tree

A year ago I asked my ladies the following question:  “What concerns you the most about your future health?”  I thought the outcome would be heart attack, Parkinson’s or diabetes, but the number one thing that came out at the top was the fear of dementia, the memory robbing Alzheimers being the top concern.

Indeed, a woman’s chance of developing Alzheimers is now greater than her chance of developing breast cancer.

Did you know scientists have recently found out that the risk of Alzheimers is only 10% down to a mutated gene (ApoE) the other 90% is solely down to lifestyle choices. WOW!

It is vitally important to get those lifestyle choices in order now, whilst we are fit and healthy to help us not only to avoid this dreaded disease, but also to help us to live a healthier and happier life.  Hey and guest what…. the side effect is weight loss!! Bonus x

I have been thinking and planning this longevity system for some time now.  Researching the lifestyle changes we can make to help every woman have a healthier, stronger, fun filled longer life.

So after a lot of reading and learning about this new protocol by Dr Dale Bredesen, I came up with a 6 heart lifestyle plan to help you all to live a healthier and happier life AND side effects, helps to ward off general disease and helps you to lose the pounds.

In my blogs and social media I will be discussing each of the hearts and how they can help us.  Many of the ladies in my classes already do many of the 30 tips.  They regularly exercise, have fun, mingle (in our classes) eat well, detox regularly, know how to relax and get a good nights sleep already.  Probably because they have been coming to ALIVE classes for years!

I am so proud of my ladies, they are so fit and agile for there (young) age.

I would love to hear what you are all doing to live your life younger.  Please let me know.  This longevity tree is developing each week, I am looking to grow it with the best information from science and my lovely ladies who all know how to rock there ages!