Please read before starting the videos

Congratulations for purchasing your Hog.  I have recorded a series of short videos to get you used to the feeling of the Hog before we start using it in our classes in 2020.

Safety Notes

  • You must not lie with the spine or the ribs on the hog if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis.

  • If you balance is poor, the Hog should only be used when holding onto a stable support or with my supervision in the class.

  • You must not use the Hog if you have been diagnosed with Morton’s neuroma.

  • Please use caution when doing the foot series video if you have bunions and or fixed toes.

Hog Introduction

Standing Hog Series

Hog on your side

Hog for Shoulders

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Back Lying Hog Series

HiiT on the Hog (This one is a little more dynamic)

Full Hogg Class