Below is the recording to the Yin Yoga session we had on Tuesday 12th December.  If you enjoy this, then why not join our online community of like minded women.  Everyone is over 50! Menopausal or Post Menopausal.  Many of the ladies have knee, hip, lower back and consider themselves not to be flexible.  In the video library you will find over 500 recorded sessions, most only 30 minutes long.  These are not just yoga, but also pilates, strength classes, aerobics classes, dance style aerobic classes and many more.  All are carefully designed with the Post menopausal woman in mind.  It’s such a treat to have these 24/7, no driving to a class, no parking etc.  Just find a small space in your cosy warm home, get your mat out and follow along.  You also have the option to join in the sessions as they are being recorded, they are all LIVE streamed into my website, so no facebook, no youtube, just a log in code for your membership and away you go.