Helping you to find your body and mind connection

“I love teaching Pilates to my clients, I love to help them to help there own
aches and pains, and become fitter and stronger for life”

Susan Booth




What is Pilates Derby?

It helps ease your tired joints and muscles

It can help improve your posture

It helps you to relax your mind as well as your body

It eases lower back pains

It can restore your YOU in the meditation section

It can help you become more flexible

On your first night….

Please come a few minutes earlier as there is a medical questionnaire I would like you to fill out, this ensures I can cater to any restrictions you may or may not have.

Don’t forget to bring your own mat, the thicker the better, we spend 3/4 of the class on the floor, so I want you to be as comfortable as possible.

It would also be useful if you could bring a small rug along with you, as at the end of the class I take you through a guided meditation, and it’s lovely to cover yourself with a rug, to ensure you get the most out of the meditation. (The meditation is not of a spiritual nature, it is a guided 5 minutes for you to gather yourself, become aware of your body and to totally relax). Once a month during the Winter months, we will have candles lit during this meditation.

The whole aim of the class is to strengthen and lengthen your body but also to help you to connect movement with your mind. The session will be a quite one, with low relaxing music in the back ground. When you leave the session I want you to feel totally relaxed, calm and renewed.

To further enhance this experience we will be diffusing a different blend of essential oils into the room. You will also get a tissue with the weekly blend on it, to take home with you. They are all designed for women’s wellness, and will be either balancing, calming, cleansing or relaxing. Members of my classes love this bit, and so do I! Mostly report back saying they get the best nights sleep after one of our sessions.

Every week we will be using a different piece of pilates equipment which I will supply. This is to further challenge your core and also to help release any tension in the body.

I am very much looking forward to helping you to feel good in your body and mind.

(It is worth noting I do not run classes on Bank Holidays.)