I’m so glad you want to give our online group a try. Let me tell you what happens and when!

Monday mornings at 10am, I do a facebook LIVE cardio session which usually last around 35/40 minutes. You just click onto the facebook group at 9.55am and I will be chatting to you waiting for other to join in before we start. The cardio sessions are designed to specifically help the Peri to Post Menopausal woman with her heart health, I also add a brain health section and muscle strength section to each of the session, these are all essential to your health and wellbeing.

Friday mornings, again at 10am I do the same, this time the session is Pilates based. There are various pieces of equipment we use to make the session more effective for your strength, flexibility and posture. We often add a meditation at the end of these sessions to down train your mind at the end of the week. If you want to purchase the equipment now, here is the link to get them online. CLICK HERE  

All my exercise sessions come with alternative moves in case you have issues with your knees or hips etc. So I will regularly mention my 3 levels of fitness, you choose your level and adapt if you need to. Please could you fill in this screening form to inform me of any specific health issues you have which may enable your optimising your movement. CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE SCREENING FORM

Don’t worry if you can’t make the sessions LIVE, I record and edit then put them into a central library which members have unlimited access to, so you can do a workout at your leisure, anytime you want! You are in that sample library now. There are over 200 videos to choose from in the main library, which you will have full access to should you wish to stay on and join after your trial period.

In the library you will also find a whole host of educational videos on health and wellbeing topics for the Peri to Post meno women.

If you do want to join, it’s just £22 per month which is payable via Gocardless on 1st of every month. This online payment service gives you the option to cancel whenever you like.

Please do contact me at anytime (07812 107684) if you have any questions or requests. My aim is to help peri-to-post menopausal women to get fit and maintain health and mobility into later life.

07812 107684 should you have any questions x

Here are a few samples of some on the videos from the various categories