2023 Well-Being Days and Half days

2021 saw the launch of Not At Home Well-Being Escapes we ran 4 full days of escapes at the beautiful venue of Amalfi Whites in South Derbyshire.

The days are designed to be fully immersive, and each day has a different topic concerning women’s health and well-being for the Peri to Post menopausal woman, so far we have covered weight loss, pelvic health, stress management, sleep and strength.  Each day we include an outside walk, a delicious healthy themed lunch and home made cake.  We have two movement sessions again linked to the theme of the day.

In 2023 we will be adding a couple of half day escapes which will be held on weekend dates.  I will confirm the venue soon, but it will be in South Derbyshire.

Come and join us again for these brilliant days, where all the like minded ladies gather to laugh and learn, move and eat!

Provisional Dates (TBC)

Full Days  £95

9th March

8th June

21st September

16th November

Half Days £55

1st April

5th August

Send me a text or whatsapp 07812107684 to let me know if you would pre-book any of these dates.