Helen has drastically lowered her body Fat!



Before Weight:

After Weight:

After years of Yo-yo dieting I was searching for a different path to follow. With the great guidance, support and motivation I received from a local health and fitness class I embarked on my journey to stop dieting and change my lifestyle. My journey started with a change of direction to change my mindset and make small changes in my lifestyle which could become my new destination. The map to my journey was made up of informative magazines such as Healthy Food Guide, portion controls such as portion pots and plates and phone apps such as My Fitness Pal. These tools helped to keep me on the right path until these small changes became habit and part of my everyday life. By planning in advance and surrounding myself by so many varied healthy recipes and options I was no longer distracted by unhealthy options which used to lead my off my chosen path. Since the start of my journey I have reduced my body fat mass by 6lb (8%), lost 8 inches as well as a stone and a half in weight and dropped a dress size.

Although healthy eating has formed an important part of my weight loss I also made exercise a regular part of my week. With a newfound passion for exercise I embarked on many different activities including kettlebells, assault course, canoeing, a 3 day bootcamp, running – activities which I would previously not have had the energy or inclination to do.
Exercise has become a passion as it gives me such a great feeling which lasts – I used to get those feelings from comfort foods but they were short lived.

Although I wasn’t hugely overweight or terribly unhealthy my new path has lead to a greater fitness, lower blood pressure and a better general feeling of wellness. I am no longer out of breath running upstairs or after our very energetic dogs.

Prior to my change of direction ‘dieting’ had always been a chore and I never reached my destination. Any healthy eating or exercise gradually disappeared because I was approaching it all wrong and seeing it as a short term fix rather than a long term way of life. By changing my attitude to my eating and exercise habits it became less of a chore and more positive and enjoyable.

My challenge is to continue to reduce my body fat percentage and increase my muscle mass.
I’m no longer obsessed with what the scales say and much more confident and happy with who I am and how fit I feel rather than a number!