Hi I’m Susan Booth

I’m a Pilates Coach and I run Health classes for women over 40.

Is this YOU?

  • Does it take you some time to get your body ‘going’ in the morning?
  • Are you living with daily aches and pains in your body?
  • Is you life full of stresses and strains and you just don’t have any time to yourself?

I can help you to…..

  • Show you ways to move your body to ease yourself into your day
  • Assess your movement patterns and show you ways to ease your aches and pains
  • Improve your flexibility, strengthen your core and back to banish those aches and pains for good
  • In a session of pilates I’ll show you how to breath correctly to help you to feel calmer and stress free.

What are you most passionate about Susan? 

I’m passionate about helping women improve their health and wellbeing, especially those who are over 40 and are wanting to improve their health for longevity. As well as running pilates classes I also run 2 Fitness & Health classes for 40+ women.

What’s different about Alive Fitness Health Classes?

There are no ‘gimmicks’ and we are ‘FAD’ free.  We have a realistic approach to health and wellbeing for women over 40 and are here to bring you affordable advice all in one session.  We also offer an optional FREE monthly Body Composition weigh-in.

What do you do at an Alive Fitness Health class?

We offer both exercise and nutrition as part of an approach health for longevity. Our weekly groups are welcoming and provide motivation and support to help you get in shape. 

Is the exercise doable? 

The exercise sessions are bounce free and are designed especially for women over 40, so options will always given.

I’m Susan Booth a fellow busy modern woman. I’m a menopausal 50+ mum of two and the founder of Alive Fitness where I help women over the age of 40 to transform their mind, body and lifestyle through group Pilates and Health Classes.

As a  businesswoman and mother I know what it’s like to feel busy and have no time for yourself. Trying to be everything to every one, running a home, looking after the family, your partner, working and trying to keep it all together. It leaves you with very little energy and limited time to look after yourself and as a result your body, mind and relationships suffer.  Top that off with being slap bang in the middle of Menopause and you will see that

‘I get it!’.

I’m known for my 20 years experience in motivating women to loose body fat and my patient and deliberate pilates coaching.

I have been involved in fitness, education and performance long enough to know that it is extremely hard to achieve your goals and dreams on your own.

So…if you’re a woman over 40, a man who needs to improve your flexibility , a grandmother, a recently retired woman, or all of these I’m here to help you live the life that you deserve in a body that you love without giving up all of your favourite foods, spending hours in the gym or relying on will power alone.

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